How To Estimate Your True Cost For A Forbes Top College

I developed an interactive calculator tool in R Shiny that invites users to explore net prices at private colleges and state schools. The calculator, backed by data from the National Center for Education Statistics, allows users to select income levels and explore prices from school-to-school. Sometimes, a private college ends up being cheaper than in-state tuition at a public college. I also collaborated on a related story about tuition sticker prices.

Electric Vehicles in Maryland

I developed an R Shiny app to explore electric vehicle station locations in Maryland through the lens of income and population levels. The app also includes visualizations of electric vehicle registrations by jurisdiction. Through this analysis, I take the pulse of the state of electric vehicles in Maryland, as automakers worldwide continue pressing for electric and consumers continue to consider making the shift. Explore the code and read more about the project here.

Identifying Sports Recreational Deserts in Maryland

Taking a page out of existing research on food deserts, I conducted a related analysis with R based on the location of sports venues. I analyzed and mapped data on state sports venues and Census demographics. I generated maps, overlaying Census tract demographic data, using Leaflet. I found a pattern that showed low-income areas tended to have fewer sports venues. I presented my analysis in March 2023 at NICAR, an annual data journalism conference. Explore the code here.

The Diamondback Jobs Guide

As part of a team of three, we developed a news application to promote transparency around campus jobs at the University of Maryland. The backbone of the site is five years of historic wage data for undergraduate and graduate campus jobs. Users can explore wage history, leave reviews and view the latest Diamondback coverage on jobs and wages on campus. The project won an award in the Reynolds Journalism Institute Student Innovation Competition.

Meet the UMD email bot, designed for The Diamondback

I programmed a Slack bot with Python and GitHub actions to notify The Diamondback newsroom of announcements from the university president. The bot scrapes a webpage of campus announcements around the clock to identify new emails from the president. If the bot identifies a new announcement, it dispatches a message to Diamondback Slack with details about the email. The bot is live in Diamondback Slack. Explore the code and read more about the bot here.

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I collaborated to help deliver this interactive news application. I did a lot of trial and error to figure out the best way to display this. I also drew a lot of flow charts to help visualize the program's logic.

Interactive: Tracking UMD COVID-19 metrics before and after the sequester-in-place order

I created an interactive timeline that tracked COVID-19 metrics at the University of Maryland leading into and following the February. I worked with Javascript, HTML and CSS in order to create the graphic, with the help of Timeliner.js and Datawrapper. View my code here and see the graphic full screen here.

ANOMALY: Bioengineering's female student majority is one-of-a-kind in UMD's engineering school

After analyzing data across all engineering majors at the University of Maryland, I identified bioengineering as the only one with a majority of female students. I reported this story, built the website, analyzed data and generated graphics, using Datawrapper, HTML and CSS. View my code here.

Public housing, the last refuge for the poor, threatens to kick out tenants for small debts.

I worked on the data team for a months-long project on evictions in public housing complexes across the country.

I analyzed data using R, cleaned data using OpenRefine and prepared public records for analysis with Tabula and Adobe Acrobat.

I focused much of my energy on Crisfield's public housing authority, which is located in Somerset County, Maryland. I visualized my findings with Datawrapper. The story was published in the Associated Press and was picked up by outlets across the country, including the Washington Post. Read the full documentation of the project here.

Black student leaders are pushing for change at UMD. Here are their 31 demands.

With the help of Flourish, I created an interactive graphic to visualize the racial disparities among faculty at the University of Maryland. You can see my graphic in the sixth subsection under the UMD BLK GRADS FOR BLK LIVES DEMANDS header. I also contributed written work to this project.

After days in limbo, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States.

I created this map using Flourish to publish alongside the Diamondback's breaking story about President Joe Biden's win. The design required a bit of coding in GeoJSON to demonstrate the mixed allocation in Nebraska. I also used HTML to code the pop-ups.


Survey: UMD seniors look back on their college years

I analyzed survey data for The Diamondback's annual senior edition. Using Adobe Illustrator, I visualized the results into piecharts and a word cloud. You can see my infographics on pages 3 and 4.